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The Benefits of Retail CCTV Intelligence

Retail CCTV systems are moving quickly into a new era of smarter Retail CCTV intelligence and data driven solutions for Retail Store Owners.

Retail Businesses can now benefit from the added features of retail CCTV intelligence solution, to improve and drive their business profits in the future. Collecting data/information about the people who enter your Retail Store is no longer only possible for online stores. Security Cameras can monitor and collect information about shoppers so that information can be analysed and retailers can identify who is shopping in their stores, popular products and even areas of the store which have the most foot traffic via heat mapping.

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Choose the leaders in CCTV Systems

Earlier this year we were invited to China to visit the headquarters of Hikvision who are The World Leaders in CCTV Systems, We got an insight to the future for CCTV technology.To say that we got a bit excited about the future of CCTV technology, would be an under statement, we were left speechless.   CCTV is moving quickly into advanced IT system that no longer stands alone.  It’s integrated with other business systems and security technology to provides data, so that businesses can assess and make informed and more cost effective decisions. Continue reading Choose the leaders in CCTV Systems